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Bottlenose dolphins visit Cromarty

Two dolphins die after unusual visit by pod in Scotland

While the Moray Firth is famous for its resident bottlenose dolphins, the 50 or so...
Morgan the orca in captivity © C. Robles

Another captive orca tragedy as Morgan’s calf Ula dies

A young female orca in the wild may expect to live a long life in...
Beluga whales in the wild

Beluga whale Havok dies in captivity months after transfer

Havok was the only male beluga in the group that was transferred from Marineland in...
Beluga whales in sanctuary.

Beluga move update from the SEA LIFE Trust and WDC

We wanted to let you know that the planned move back into the wild sea...

Dolphins, dolphins everywhere!

White-beaked dolphin © Kerstin Voigt

Lock down for us humans seems to have made seas quieter and less polluted for whales, dolphins and porpoises, and further evidence that nature may be using this time to reclaim its territory seems to be emerging from various areas off the coast of the UK.

In the past few days bottlenose dolphins have been seen swimming in the Irish Sea along the Blackpool coastline – a rare sighting at this time of year, whilst white-beaked dolphins have already been spotted swimming and playing in the English Channel, around four miles off the coast of Dungerness this week, a location where they will often appear.

And amazing footage taken off the Northumberland coast shows a pod of dolphins emerging from the water close to a boat, and orcas have been seen in the same area too!

These sightings have excited many who were able to see them over social media. They bring some joy to us during the current lock-down and have lead to comments about whether the seas should remain quiet and pollution free once isolation for us humans ends.

Whilst the seas are quiet, dolphins around the UK seem to be enjoying themselves right now.

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