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Plastic Free July – choose to refuse

Sonja Eisfeld-Pierantonio

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Plastic pollution on beach

Plastic Free July – choose to refuse

By Sonja Eisfeld-Pierantonio / 13th July 2021

Plastic is everywhere. When I look around me, I see a gazillion things made of plastic: my computer, my watch, pens, lights, clothes … the…

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Why do some dolphins choose human company and what should we learn?

By Sonja Eisfeld-Pierantonio / 1st December 2020

‘Fungie has gone missing’, ‘Danny the dolphin believed dead’ – both October headlines announcing the departure of much-loved ‘solitary dolphins’. With these two well-known characters…

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How cigarette butts pollute the ocean and harm whales and dolphins

By Sonja Eisfeld-Pierantonio / 31st May 2019

Today is World No Tobacco Day and you could be forgiven for wondering what that’s got to do with whales and dolphins. Sadly, it’s very…

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Disturbance – from the dolphin’s point of view

By Sonja Eisfeld-Pierantonio / 8th July 2015

Picture this: it is the weekend, you are spending time with your family in your back garden barbecuing, when a horde of people you have…

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You can help keep protection in place for European whales, dolphins and porpoises!

By Sonja Eisfeld-Pierantonio / 12th May 2015

Please tell the EU not to mess with the Birds and Habitats Directive.  I am deeply alarmed that the laws protecting our most important nature…

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Potential breeding ground identified for the Baltic Sea harbour porpoise

By Sonja Eisfeld-Pierantonio / 16th December 2014

After two years of data collection and two years of statistical analyses, the EU Life+-funded project SAMBAH (Static Acoustic Monitoring of the Baltic Sea Harbour…

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