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Humpback whale

Summer Raffle!

Our Summer Raffle is open and you could win £1,000 or one of nine other cash prizes.  It's easy and secure to play. Just visit

Closing date is the 20 July and the lucky winners drawn on 27 July 2020.

Terms and conditions apply.


Bad Boys Club (2)

Meet the winners of our Christmas Raffle 2019

Helen and David
Helen and David

Helen and David from Scotland won the top prize of £1,000 and said, 'After over 30 years supporting WDC, it was a wonderful surprise to win this raffle and an amazing start to 2020 for us.

In those 30 years WDC has achieved so much for whale and dolphin conservation.  With future support who knows what the next 30 years will bring?

This prize will help towards the cost of fulfilling one of our dreams - to visit Little Grey and Little White in Iceland next year.'

Rosie from London won the second prize of £500 and said, 'Lovely surprise to find I had won after supporting WDC for many years! Will be putting it towards my trip to Canada this summer to go kayaking with orcas!!!'

Rosie will be sending us a photo after her trip!

Mr Bielby
Mr Bielby

Mr Bielby from Yarm won £100 and said, 'I have been a staunch supporter of WDC for many years. I have been fortunate to see many species of dolphins and whales in that time and they never fail to give me a sense of awe and wonder.

I appreciate that they need the support and protection which WDC and other conservation organisations have helped to provide. As well as the joy they bring to people, they are an essential part of the ecosystem on which the health of the oceans and indeed the whole planet depends.

Thank you for this raffle prize money which I intend to spend on adopting dolphins for my grandchildren, and to put the rest towards a whale watching trip with them so that they can share that joy and excitement of seeing these beautiful animals.

I will always support WDC in their conservation efforts and thank you for all your work.'

Mr Whitelaw from Livingston, Mrs Harrison from York, Ms Merritt from Havant and Mrs Harrison from Swindon were runners up and each won £100.

Ms Rawlings from Hull, Ms Murphy from London and Mrs Capon-Hawley from Witham all won a fantastic WDC Teemill t-shirt.

Mrs Long from Worthing, Mrs Perry from Bromsgrove and Mr Howson from Grimsby all won a fabuous WDC Dock and Bay towel.

Dr Hutchings from Buntingford won a beautiful copy of Christopher Swann's enchanting book 'Seeking Leviathan'.

Ms Powney from West Bromwich won a years' adoption of their chosen whale or dolphin!

Meet the winners of our Summer Raffle 2019

Mr Heeley
Mr Heeley

Mr Heeley from Birmingham won the top prize of £1,000 and said, ‘It’s a very unexpected surprise. It’s the first major raffle I’ve ever won. Thank you! I’ll always take part.’

Ms Parry-Jones
Ms Parry-Jones

Ms Parry-Jones from Crickhowell won the second prize of £500 and said, 'Early one morning, over twenty years ago, I was swimming off the coast of New Zealand, when a pod of Hector’s Dolphins joined me. It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Supporting WDC is very important to me and I’m a strong believer in the cause.'

Mrs Porter and Harris
Mrs Porter and Harris

Mrs Porter from Spalding said, 'What a lovely surprise it was to find I was runner up in your Summer Raffle! I will continue to follow the wonderful work you do and encourage others to do the same. We must do all we can to support these majestic creatures as they face the multiple man-made threats of today's world.'

Mrs Dallow
Mrs Dallow

Mrs Dallow from Malvern said, 'It was a wonderful surprise to find out that I'd won a prize in the WDC raffle, as I never normally win anything! I'm delighted to support such a wonderful organisation and the fantastic work they do!'

Mrs Roberts from Longfield, Mr Giles from Newcastle upon Tyne and Mr Bean from Cheltenham also won our runners up prizes of £100.